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Saturday, April 06, 2002

Amen, Brother...Lawrence is cool.

BTW, to the people who say UserLand never helps its users, I gotta say this. They must not know Lawrence. Raise your hand if Lawrence Lee has helped you get past some kind of problem. He does such excellent work, he's so steady and smart, and helps so many people, and it's as if he didn't exist to some.   [Scripting News]

12:39:37 AM    

Friday, April 05, 2002

Today's Craig Burton tutorial is on channels in Radio. It's by far the best docs on our software. I hope everyone runs his latest tutorial, it's a Java window, he presses all the buttons and narrates. Craig talks very slowly and explains everything. His tutorials are eye-openers. [Scripting News] [Dave Winer: Radio UserLand]
7:50:14 PM    

Sunday, March 31, 2002

Paolo at eVectors wrote up his deployment of the Radio Community Server.  Every person at his company uses Radio on the desktop.  They publish personal weblogs to the Intranet via an RSS server.  They use Radio categories to publish topic specific weblogs.  Their Intranet server aggregates RSS feeds from the multiple employee weblogs (both their main weblog and their category specific weblogs).  The Intranet server also integrates data from their accounting system (this could be generalized to extend to any source of application specific data that is aggegated centrally via web services), hosts discussion groups, manages task lists, and serves as centralized document store.  Their Intranet is a portal to all the information, people, and feeds that are available.  Nice. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]
5:17:42 PM    

Scott Johnson wrote an essay about trying to learn Radio as an outliner. "Anyone downloading software, particularly cheap software (Radio is $39.95), has the attention span of a rabid gnat. They tend to give up immediately when they hit a problem since their investment in the process is minimal at best." What he says is true, and if you use Radio for its main purpose, you get to the pleasure button quickly without too many distractions. But if you wander into the outliner (deliberately hard to do) you need to pay attention. Someday we may have a product that is just an outliner. For now we have to put the outliner on the side, and make it relatively hard to find, so it doesn't trip up casual users.  [Scripting News]
5:02:13 PM    

Saturday, March 30, 2002

I want downstreaming for Radio. [techno weenie]
9:43:01 AM    

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Online Journalism Review: Preparing for the Coming Era of Participatory News. Today, those forces unfold at the speed of a click. They create new media, new freedoms, and new stories. We tend to overlook their role in the society we have created and the future we are inventing. Ours is a future of stories ... of stories and clicks. [Tomalak's Realm]
6:15:08 PM    

Russ Lipton documents Radio's Status Center.  [Scripting News]
6:13:45 PM    

Some thoughts on Instant Outlining [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]
6:11:28 PM    

Jon Udell's first essay on Instant Outlining. As always, Jon cuts right to the core. "It's not about XML, or HTTP, or outlining. It's about people evolving to the point where they publish what they're doing, and subscribe to what other people are doing, in just the right proportions, so that there's maximum awareness of shared purpose but minimal demand on the scarce resource of attention." I would only disagree with the statement that it's not about outlining. I think it is. For a variety of reasons, which I'll write about when I get some time.   [Scripting News]
6:09:24 PM    

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Tommy Williams: "Like most teams inside Microsoft, we have a SharePoint site set up to share information. Everyone in the team can post to the site. There are lists, calendars, and even discussion groups."  [Scripting News]
8:47:25 PM    

Hey Radio UserLand got a writeup on XML.Com. Thanks. A few minor corrections. The MP3 playlist stuff isn't present in Radio 8, nor is the chat functionality (both were in Radio 7). They renamed XML-RPC and didn't mention the support for OPML. Otherwise much appreciated, glad they mentioned that the Radio outliner is an easy XML editor.  [Scripting News]
8:45:49 PM    

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